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Frequently Asked Questions

At Eurowire Containers Limited we understand how difficult it is to get to grips with a new website. Please find below a number of FAQs which may help answer any queries. Thank you


Q:: Why do some of the sections do not have any content?

A:: Our new site has taken over 12 months of work and currently we are working to fill up the sections with products that you can buy online, by September 2007 all the sections will be populated. Should you have any requirements that are not listed please contact us on 01384 561 786.


Q:: Can I use the Checkout to buy My Cart contents?

A:: The cart and checkout are now fully live, we are using the SAGEPAY service and can assure you that all transactions are secure. If you wish to pay via telephone or by other means including cheque or bank transfer please save your cart or print/email a copy to us.